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A strategic project for a government agency

A high profile government agency approached Stockdale ACS to help evaluate outsourcing of its information management (data collection, storage and distribution) functions. This was distinct from the more narrow information technology services that served the organisation.

Our first step was to prepare a Project Charter in conjunction with agency staff, which identified the scope, issues, risks and communication issues facing the project. Many staff were skeptical and suspicious of the project and, from the start, we decided that the process had to be transparent and defensible. Thus workshops and presentations became an important feature of the project.

Stockdale ACS worked with the agency’s project manager to prepare a series of intensive reviews of the business processes, and commissioned specialist companies to conduct them. We also commissioned a researcher with nationally-recognised expertise in the area to review the issues relating to outsourcing at a higher level. Together we prepared our report commenting that outsourcing in this environment involved substantial risk but that there was enormous potential in adopting Internet technologies in the agency’s information management. The report was acknowledged to be of an excellent standard and accepted with gratitude.

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