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A Sad Farewell

After 10 years as a client, it is sadness that we announce the closure of the eLearning Industry Association. Thanks to everyone who contributed to our vibrant community over the past 10 years.

The team at Stockdale ACS has enjoyed working with everyone involved with the eLearning Industry Association, especially the eLearning Industry Awards.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


A conference for a non-profit association

A community-based music organisation run primarily by a committee of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers enlisted the help of Stockdale ACS to run their annual conference. With committee members all working full-time in their own careers, finding the time to make their innovative ideas a reality was their primary challenge.

Being a non-profit organisation, limited funds were available for the project and Stockdale ACS worked closely with the organisation to establish a budget and operate within that. We also sought funding from other sources, including finding advertisers and traders for the conference, and preparing a submission to a government funding agency.

We helped source a quality venue and catering, including a gala conference dinner with entertainment. At the same time we prepared advertising material and drew on our extensive network, in conjunction with the networks of committee members, to promote the conference in a variety of forums and media. The organisation website was regularly kept up to date with information as details were confirmed, and members and mailing list contacts received frequent updates as well as having Glenys (as the conference coordinator) as a single point of contact for the organisation in order to find out more.

Stockdale ACS handled the practical details of addressing queries from potential attendees and processing registrations. Once the committee had completed the process of selecting presenters, we took care of ensuring all their requirements were met, and regularly liaised with the venue, caterer, traders and advertisers. The timetable was developed, the conference handbook prepared for the printer, and all participants were supplied with nametags and certificates.

Stockdale ACS was in attendance on the weekend to ensure all aspects of the conference went smoothly. Feedback from delegates, presenters, and the committee continue to be very positive, both for the first conference and in the years we have run it since.

Since 2002, we have run over 35 conferences for several organisations, and are continually building on our experience to deliver a successful event every time. It has been said after a conference:

“I always had a high opinion of Glenys’ skills but this time she exceeded even my expectations.”

Managing change

A government agency approached Stockdale ACS to review why a recently introduced IT innovation was being rejected by the agency staff. It asked for recommendations that would help counter reactions to the changes being implemented.

We conducted a cultural review of the organisation and concluded that the staff were not opposed to change per se (they had already absorbed enormous change and were continuing to do so without opposition), but that the innovation being introduced was perceived to be deficient and the process of introducing it heavy handed.

Stockdale ACS recommended that the innovation be thoroughly reviewed regarding the espoused benefits, and that staff become more involved in its implementation through a more structured approach with regular reviews and feedback from staff and other stakeholders.

A strategic project for a government agency

A high profile government agency approached Stockdale ACS to help evaluate outsourcing of its information management (data collection, storage and distribution) functions. This was distinct from the more narrow information technology services that served the organisation.

Our first step was to prepare a Project Charter in conjunction with agency staff, which identified the scope, issues, risks and communication issues facing the project. Many staff were skeptical and suspicious of the project and, from the start, we decided that the process had to be transparent and defensible. Thus workshops and presentations became an important feature of the project.

Stockdale ACS worked with the agency’s project manager to prepare a series of intensive reviews of the business processes, and commissioned specialist companies to conduct them. We also commissioned a researcher with nationally-recognised expertise in the area to review the issues relating to outsourcing at a higher level. Together we prepared our report commenting that outsourcing in this environment involved substantial risk but that there was enormous potential in adopting Internet technologies in the agency’s information management. The report was acknowledged to be of an excellent standard and accepted with gratitude.