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Consulting & Project Management

In addition to our various administrative services, we also offer more strategic assistance in helping your organisation track a course for the future.

Perhaps your association is undergoing change, or is being affected by external forces which might mean you need to change to meet new demands within your field or keep up with new technology.

Or perhaps you have a project that requires some guidance in order to see it come to fruition.

Here at Stockdale ACS we are happy to explore with you the challenges your organisation is facing, to assess where you have come from, and the direction you are going.

We pride ourselves on being open to new ideas, on thinking creatively to plan the next step, and on working “with” you rather than “to” a list of demands so that ultimately the decisions about your future rest with you.

Our best consulting work has been in exploring the application of new ideas and technologies, and making them benefit the client.

Key services:

  • Information management
    • Knowledge, information & data management
    • Using and managing spatial (or mapping) information
    • Developing information strategies
  • Strategic projects
    • Assistance with project governance
    • Introducing flexible project management principles
    • Develop risk management strategies
    • Conducting post project reviews and audits
  • Business consulting
    • Organisational reviews, and analysing particular issues that are facing your organisation
    • Writing and implementing strategic and business plans
    • Assistance with writing vision and mission statements
    • Streamlining procedures
    • Liaise with the national or international governing bodies of your organisation
    • Providing mentoring, and motivating committee members to ensure tasks are progressing
    • Manage any existing assets or staff
    • Manage the association’s intellectual property
    • Ensure the association is performing in accordance with their Rules of Association