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Looking after your members is often the most important aspect of Associations.

Your members join you for a reason, and one of your purposes should be to continue to provide them with services which benefit them.

Maintaining regular contact with your members and efficiently managing your database will ensure that your customers are valued, and will help you to retain existing members as well as attract new ones.

Non-members might comprise a significant proportion of attendees at your events, and every non-member is a potential member.

We can help you with the administrative side of things and assist in growing your membership base, which boosts your public profile as an organisation and also generates more revenue.

Key services:

  • Maintaining a database of members, non-members, sponsors or key organisations and contacts
  • Processing new membership applications and renewals
  • Issuing renewal reminder notices prior to your members’ subscription expiry
  • Responding to all membership enquiries
  • Maintaining regular contact with members via email bulletins