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All of our current major clients produce some form of publication for their members and the general public, either in electronic or hard copy (or both), and ranging from 4-page newsletters to quarterly or bi-monthly journals of 20 pages or more.

Producing a newsletter serves a range of functions:

  • it keeps your members up to date with events and recent news;
  • it provides your organisation with a professional and public face;
  • it gives your members a means to contribute content and engage in dialogue with other professionals in their field;
  • and it allows your organisation to demonstrate an awareness of other events and issues in the industry and to belong to a broader network of similar Associations.

Key services:

  • Graphic design and set up of an attractive and eye-catching publication
  • Sourcing content from individuals or organisations, or working with content provided by your Association
  • Consulting with an appointed Editor from your organisation
  • Proof-reading and copy-editing of all content
  • Organising printing and delivery to your members, including Print Post mailings via Australia Post for large numbers