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Stockdale ACS was officially created in 2002 by Richard and Glenys Gijsbers in response to a number of requests for Glenys’s administrative skills by friends and acquaintances.

Following a long association with the Young Voices of Melbourne, one of Australia’s best children’s choirs, Glenys was approached to provide administration for a choral festival and, soon after, to run a conference for teachers of Early Childhood music. The success of these events prompted the start of the business, combining Glenys’s administrative background with Richard’s background in management consulting and strategic development. The name ‘Stockdale’ comes from the name of the family farm in western Victoria where Glenys grew up, and reflects their desire to keep the name going and to maintain the family nature of the business.

What started as a home-based family business with one or two clients has grown considerably since its inception. Its earliest days saw haphazard beginnings, much the way many small businesses do when just starting out. Once upon a time we really did operate out of the back bedrooms and garage of the Gijsbers’ home in south-east Melbourne, with two grandchildren under five, two barking dogs (who doubled as our doorbell), and a kitten who climbed the curtains!

Stockdale ACS team (2012)

Stockdale ACS team (2012)

Stockdale ACS continued to grow, bringing on employees to manage the workload brought in by new clients, and by the increased membership and activity of existing clients. In September 2006 we moved out of home and in to offices in Huntingdale, which enabled us to provide more extensive services to all our clients, including a shop front where clients may advertise their products and events, a board room available for committee meetings or other activities, and a more sophisticated phone system which allows for unique numbers for each of our clients. In 2013, we grew out of our Huntingdale office and moved to our current premises in Atherton Road, Oakleigh.

Now employing two full-time and several part-time staff members, Stockdale is always looking to pursue new challenges and improve what we are able to offer our clients. We now operate on a national scale, successfully running conferences and events in Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, as well as taking care of the day to day administration of our clients.